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I have one question for you?  Can you imagine sitting in these chairs or in your living room while having a calm discussion about issues that plague your marriage?   The Gottman Method is designed to give you tools to have such conversations.  If this is something you desire, please use my scheduler to begin the process of gaining a new perspective on your marriage. 


What Services Do You Provide?   

I provide  the following services for these related issues.  If you don't see one that you are experiencing please call and ask if I can help. Issues treated are:  Couples, Marriage and PreMarital.  All marriage related issues are treated via the Gottman Method.  These are provided in my office and online.  Please pick what is convenient to you.  

Do you take Insurance?  I do not.  When you sign up for sessions you are signing up for longer sessions than most insurance companies pay for.  Your sessions are 1.25 hours.  Insurance would have me do a 45 minute session.  Unfortunately, 45 minutes is not long enough to complete the work we need to do.  There are a couple of EAP's accepted to get you started.  Compsych and Profile

Do You Provide Faith Based Services?

As a Christian believer I will provide this when requested.  

What Ages Do You See?

My specialty is marriage counseling,  The state of Colorado and New Mexico have many great therapists who see kids and individuals.  I would be glad to help you find one if you are struggling to locate somebody for your child or youth.  

What Happens when you call for an appointment?

This depends on what services you are looking for.  If you are looking for individual counseling, the  process is relatively simple.  Set up an appointment and bring in the paperwork that is located on this website.  If you are looking for couples counseling the process is relatively similar.  The first session is typically with both individuals. The next two sessions are individual assessments followed by an online assessment to help determine the issues in the relationship.  On the fourth session I will go over the online assessment and help the couple create a treatment plan.  Treatment of the issues in the relationship begin on this date.  

What are Marriage intensives? 

Marriage intensives are  sessions  that run 3 to 5 hours a day.  You can chose to do one or multiple depending on your needs.  During these sessions we assess the issues and begin to work through them one by one.  After you have completed the sessions you may schedule follow up appointments to follow up on any further issues. 

How Long does Marriage Counseling Take?

Counseling for Marriage or any relationships typically takes 6 months to 2 years.  Sessions are spread out and are not typically weekly.  Most sessions are 2 to 3 weeks apart to give the couple time to work on the issues that have been addressed.  

What Do We Do in the Sessions?

In the couples therapy you can expect to talk to your spouse or your partner.  I  attempt to create a dyadic space so that you have the opportunity to practice the working through the issues in a safe space. The more couples talk to each other, the more likely they will be able to work through the conflict.   Gottman Method therapy teaches couples conflict management and the best way to do it is to have couples walk through conflict in the office.   

Do We Have Homework?

Everything that you work on in the office is applicable to your relationship and your home.  You may go home with worksheets or interventions that will help you work through conflict.  You are not required to do anything beyond the office, but working through issues that have been discussed in the office will help create peace within the relationship.  It is strongly suggested that you read the 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work.  Reading this book will guide you as we walk through the process.  

Can We do a Consultation Before We Commit?

Yes,  I currently have the ability to take 10-15 minutes to help you understand what I do and how I can best help you in your relationship.  I understand that finding the right counselor is important.  If you find that I am not the right for you and your needs, I will help you find another counselor that is.  I am committed you your health and well being whether you see me or not.