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Higher Ground Counseling 


 Hours of Operation/Fees 

Monday:                  8:00-1:00
Tuesday:                  8:00-3:00            
Wednesday:            8:00-3:00
Thursday:                8:00-3:00
Friday:                      8:00-11:00

Individual $100                                     

Family       $150

Couple      $150

Intensive for Couple $1800 (3) 6 hour sessions

Reports/Letters $200

Court Appearance $700 (Base Fee)


*No shows are the cost of the normal session

(Cancellations 24 hours in advance are typically required)

Cash, Check, Credit Card and Insurance         

Insurance Plans
*Blue Cross Blue Shield
*Presbyterian Health
*Com Psych
*Optum Health
*Military One-source
*Value Options
*United Health Care


I am unable to take Rocky Mountain Health, CHP, Medicaid and Medicare.  

*Please contact your insurance plan before your first appointment regarding copayments and total out of pocket expense for counseling