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About Us

Darren graduated from Loyola University in May 2000.  Darren began his career working with youth in a 90 day residential facility.  He proceeded to help establish a day treatment program for high risk youth in the Denver area.  In 2008 he joined PASCO home health as their contract social worker.  He has provided many services to individuals and families who find themselves dealing with unexpected illness and disabilities.  In 2010, he opened up Higher Ground Counseling.  

Since opening Higher Ground Counseling, Darren has helped many families in the Durango area work through a variety of issues.  Some of these issues are related to marriage, dating and other life challenges.  Other issues include teens who find themselves dealing with depression or use of substances to cope with life.  Darren has an extensive knowledge of the justice system that stems from his work with high risk youth.  

Darren has worked with many men who are experiencing issues with prostate cancer.  For men this is a very touchy subject and many men won't seek counseling during this challenging time.  Most of the men that Darren has seen found it a useful tool as part of their battle with cancer.  Darren understands the physical and emotional toll that cancer has on an individual, as his father is a prostate cancer survivor.  

When it comes to marriage, Darren has been married for 22 years.  He understands the stressors of marriage and how life can take a toll on your marriage.  Using techniques from the Gottman Institute, he will walk through your strengths and weaknesses.  Most marriages can be saved no matter what the circumstances are. There are 3 assessment dates before you actually begin treatment.  This helps Darren fully understand the barriers you are coming up against.  Typically the fourth session we will dive into the areas of conflict you are experiencing.  

Darren understands that finding the right counselor is essential to finding a balance in life.  He believes that is no financial barrier or emotional barrier that should stop you from seeking and finding the right help.  If you are in need of change call him today.   

To schedule an appointment, please call: +1.9706761029.